Banner University Medicine Heart Institute




Digital • Film • Recruitment Collateral


The Challenge

More than just the result of a successful collaboration between Banner Health and the esteemed University of Arizona (UofA) medical school, the Banner University Medicine Heart Institute’s story is deeply rooted in a remarkable culture and an unparalleled pool of talent. It’s about individuals coming together, driven by a shared passion for revolutionizing cardiovascular care and rewriting the future of heart health.


Strategy & Approach

Our goal was to bring their vision to life digitally, making it accessible to the world and delivering it with an emotional impact that would resonate with potential team members and peers within their industry.Through meticulous effort and artistry, we have crafted testimonial videos that embody the beating heart of the Institute’s success. These captivating videos are now available for streaming, sharing, and showcasing.


Final Experience

Our collaboration doesn’t end with mesmerizing videos. We have gone a step further by integrating powerful analytics that provide valuable insights. These insights not only help measure the impact of their digital presence but also enable the Banner team to attract the best talent in the industry.


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