Connections Health




Digital  •  Photography


The Challenge

Connections Health is nationally renowned for excellence in behavioral health services.  As the organization grew to encompass three related but individual verticals, there was a clear mandate to separate the digital experiences for each business, while maintaining the flagship organization’s tone and aesthetic trademarks.


Strategy & Approach

Kitchen Sink hosted strategic workshops to align on the messaging, design and consumer journey for each of the three online destinations. Leveraging best practices specific to each of the three unique audiences, we crafted platforms and content that spoke to their respective motivations and needs. 


Final Experience

We designed, developed and launched three unique sites – ConnectionsHS, ConnectionsAZ, and CXNS – each including photography, copywriting, and tools tailored to their audiences. In addition to elevating the brand’s digital footprint, the sites have been successful in their own right, showing bounce rates under 50%. 

Analytics suggest the right audiences were discovering the right platform, and staying. In the case of AZ, 20+% returning.