JL Audio




3D Rendering • Video Production • Computer Animation


The Challenge

JL Audio is a premium audio system engineering company. Their customer base is not a standard consumer audience. They are music and sound aficionados and are passionate about their systems. In order to engage this discerning audience, we needed to create a video which would engage them, impress them, and compel them to sign up and learn more.


Strategy & Approach

What happens when you add an extraordinary experience to an ordinary day? Consumers soon found out. Our film placed them in the “day in the life” of having a complete JL Audio system. Whether at home, on a road trip, or on the water, audiences were able to experience the unique lifestyle of a JL Audio owner.


Final Experience

Our film created an industry buzz. And because the film did a lot of the work showcasing the benefits, it allowed the JL Audio sales team to focus on orders and service. This led to an increase in the sales timeline and overall success of the product launch.