Zark Parking




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Zark Illustration Kitchen Sink


The Challenge

Zark is poised to revolutionize how you locate and secure parking spaces in cities everywhere. Zark came to us in need of a vibrant and fun brand that helps consumers understand how the easy-to-use application improves lives, creates experiences, and saves money.


Strategy & Approach

Merging industry, market, and consumer research with our own in-depth discovery process, we crafted a brand that effectively speaks to land developers, property managers, and consumers – communicating Zark’s value proposition to multiple audiences, while preserving the lighthearted lifestyle appeal the founders envisioned.


Final Experience

After establishing Zark’s identity, positioning and overall messaging strategy, we developed a website and direct marketing materials to help users get acquainted with the app. Custom iconography and physical signage created a unique end-to-end experience that users won’t forget – and properties are proud to display.

Zark Parking Space Kitchen Sink
Zark Parking Space Kitchen Sink
Zark Map Key Kitchen Sink