Rio Reimagined




Photography • 3D Rendering • Video Production


The Challenge

Urban rivers can be a source of civic pride that connect and transform diverse communities as well as enhance the future economic and environmental vitality of the region. For decades, community leaders and stakeholders have explored ways to reconnect the splendor of the Rio Salado river to Valley residents through ecosystem restoration, flood mitigation and economic development. Our job was to package this message through community outreach via a project based website, a custom film and messaging.


Strategy & Approach

After conducting key stakeholder interviews, meetings, and site visits, we developed a consumer journey for project advocates, supporters, and developers. Through a new website, coupled with a custom film, we crafted a narrative that local organizations, politicians, and communities alike could share with their respective audiences.


Final Experience

The RIO REIMAGINED project, the late Senator John McCain’s desire to revive an expansive and inclusive vision for the Salt River corridor, has had an exceptional first year. The University City Exchange office at Arizona State University has served as a project ‘ambassador’, convening 8 river communities and stakeholders since late 2017 in early planning of this complex urban design initiative.