E-Line Media




Brand Identity • Digital Development • Video Production


The Challenge

Partnering with Endless Interactive, E-Line Media created a pair of innovative, educational video games that not only needed brand identities, but also digital platforms to be showcased on. In an industry defined by immersive experiences, the need to engage and inform had to be balanced within an easily navigated environment.


Strategy & Approach

After gaining a deep understanding of the target demographic and their specific motivators, we entered into various brand discovery sessions that uncovered the true reasons for each brand’s existence. Once identities were established, we developed a digital strategy with the goal of tying into an existing online community who would appreciate the unique games and begin to share with their trusted network of gamers and friends.


Final Experience

E-Line Media introduced both Endless Mission and Beyond Blue to the gaming community through branded experiences at global gaming conferences. The digital platforms we developed serve as both the introduction to each brand, as well as the primary driver to purchase-and-play platforms like Steam. The response to both brands has been overwhelmingly positive and they are slated to be released in 2020.