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The Challenge

Agritopia is a successful mixed-use community located in Gilbert, Arizona. It is known for being a “sharing community” and has a more bucolic, community-like vibe. For more than  fifty years, a dilapidated Quonset hut stood next to the development. Our client, Joe Johnston, had a vision: renovate the barn to include 12 artisans and craftsman. And Barnone was born. 


Strategy & Approach

Our strategy was to create a brand, web presence and film that would get capture what was being created out here in the desert. Local artisanship is personal. It’s hands-on. And with this in mind, we honed in on the finite aspects of their craft, whether it was the snipping of vegetable or the sizzle of a woodwooking brand. 


Final Experience

Awards were won. National attention from the New York Times–and others–was received. And Barnone has been recognized across the United States as a one-of-a-kind destination in the Southwest.